Seeking the Wolf Tree
A Westmoreland Public Library Treasure Hunt

Click here to download a PDF of this treasure hunt, including pictures and maps,
so you can print it out!

Have you ever gone on a bear hunt? Wait! No, we are NOT looking for bears, we want you to find a special TREE. You see trees all the time, but have you ever seen a WOLF TREE?!? 

The Wolf Tree in Westmoreland measures 58 ft. high, with a crown spread of 63 feet and 66 feet, and circumference of 17 feet 3 inches.

It can look like this:

  This is a Wolf Tree in Westmoreland.  Photo by Stephanie Kelly

What makes it special? Do you think you could find one?

Grab your parents (and some bug spray!) and follow our road map to where you can find such a tree right here in Westmoreland. Then use our hand-drawn map of the area to look for hints.


Road Map of Westmoreland and where to find the Wolf Tree

X marks the spot!


Owen's Detailed Map to help you locate the Wolf Tree



How will you know when you have found the right tree? Here is a check list:


Your tree should have all these requirements. Then you will understand what makes it so special.

When you think you have found a Wolf Tree, take a picture of it and tell your friends. They might like to hunt for one too!

Wondering how the Library knows about Wolf Trees? We have a book called Seeking the Wolf Tree written by Natalie Cleavitt and illustrated by Marjorie Leggit.

If you draw a picture of the tree you find, the author would be happy to put your picture on display on her website. Sound fun? Just bring your picture to the library and we will be sure it gets to her.

Here is an example one of our friends made:




Seeking the Wolf Tree
Written by Natalie Cleavitt

Illustrated by Marjorie Leggit


The author has kindly given her permission
to share some of her words and pictures.


And one more thing...
Thanks for playing!


Want to learn more about Wolf Trees? Here is some further reading:

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Download the PDF version of this treasure hunt here!